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Why do people love to watch RC car videos?

There are many different types of videos on the internet, ranging from silly to touching, eye-opening to enraging, and amazing to fascinating. RC car videos fall into the last category. But what exactly makes them so fascinating?

a) Bashing - Many people enjoy watching RC car videos because they showcase what can potentially happen to a car when it goes through various types of "experiments" and miniature disasters. Some people simply take pleasure in watching RC cars getting bashed, while others are impressed by the durability of certain models. For some, RC car videos serve as a metaphor for their ability to overcome obstacles in life.

b) Similar interests - Some people watch RC car videos because they are interested in the hobby. They may be looking to get started or improve their skills in handling RC cars. These individuals watch the videos to learn new maneuvers and hone their RC skills. Additionally, there are those who study RC car videos of competitors to prepare for races. By analyzing the maneuvers of their adversaries, they can anticipate their moves and develop effective defenses.

c) Imitation of life - Many people watch RC car videos to witness maneuvers that are not possible with real cars. RC cars can perform jumps, aerial flips, gravity-defying stunts, and other maneuvers that are beyond the capabilities of real cars. These videos allow people to experience the thrill of such stunts without the risk of damaging expensive vehicles.

People have various reasons for watching RC car videos, but if you were to ask them why they enjoy it, the likely response would be, "it's just so cool."