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The Rebirth of an Old Email Threat on Your Life

Once again, people are being emailed or spammed, if you want to call it that, by someone or persons unknown. The computer has allowed people the ability to swindle money from others, scare them into giving money, and spam from every part of the world. The latest email threat has resurfaced after laying dormant for a year or so. The email explains that your life is in danger of ending if you do not pay the person sending the email a huge sum of money. It goes on to explain that someone you know has hired this person to end your life.

This email was a hot computer topic about a year ago and has now resurfaced, scaring unknowing computer users to death. They fear for their lives, and some have paid the money just to stay alive. The computer is a great communication system for families to stay in touch, as well as for business needs. The problem is that people like this can spam your email inbox and get away with it, causing alarm. Even with a spam blocker turned on, these people can fool the spam blockers into accepting the emails as good emails.

Good spam blockers are not able to block the emails, and unsuspecting people are falling for frauds such as this one. Many people express concern for more effective spam blockers to reduce the number of fraudulent emails. Gmail seems to have a hold on spam, as they only allow registered users to invite a guest or require a cell phone to receive an invite from the server. To date, this email account seems to hold out spam emails better than others, such as Yahoo and Hotmail. Hotmail seems to be the runner-up, with Yahoo coming in third.

Computer hoaxes and fraudulent emails will never stop. People come up with new ways daily, if not hourly, to hack into email servers and find ways to break the spam blocker code in order to spam your email inbox. Although government securities try to find the culprits, they cannot keep up with the growing alarm of the computing world about such actions. If a hacker or spammer can break through email security, then they can probably break through other security systems that are in place to protect your communication systems. Therefore, one conclusion is formed: security systems and spam blockers need to be revisited daily to protect the public.

If there were a way to track spammers and spam emails, we would then have a safe and secure way to conduct personal and business communications. Most spam emails come through IP addresses that are routed off other servers and cannot be tracked. Many people without technical backgrounds can and do change their IP addresses to make more posts on classified sites, and this is another way to spam your email inbox without being caught. Until someone figures out a way to halt these practices, anyone, anywhere can email you without you knowing where it is coming from.

The important measures that need to be taken against spammers are not as easy to do as most people think because of the ability to change or reroute the IP address. One way to protect yourself and your computer from spam emails is to be very careful about who you give your email address to and do not open emails from someone you do not know. Emails that contain viruses can either infect your computer or scan your address book for all your contact information and spam your friends and associates. If you follow these two important steps, you can help protect yourself and your associates from receiving threatening emails, such as the one that seems to be plaguing everyone around the world. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is a fraud and not a real email.